More nurses, less politicians’ spin!


Nurses rally at Sydney's Royal Prince Alfred Hospital.

For the second week in a row, nurses held lunchtime rallies outside their hospitals in support of the NSW Nurses Association campaign for a mandated minimum nurse to patient ratio of 1:4 in public hospitals. This ratio has been mandated in Victoria for ten years but NSW lags behind.

Lower ratios in NSW have meant poorer care for patients and has also placed nurse in danger.

One young nurse explained at the rally on November 10 at the Royal Prince Alfred Hospital that she had been recently assaulted while on ward duty. This would not have happened if there had been a mandated minimum nurse to patient ratio of 1:4, she said.

I was one of two grateful patients who spoke at the RPAH rally in support of the nurses campaign.

I told the rally, that I had been brought to RPAH by ambulance when I had a heart attack in 2007 and gained a strong respect for the public hospital system and its dedicated but overworked staff.

Most people don’t appreciate public hospitals until they are brought in for emergency treament, I said to the rally, but it is an important public asset that we have to fight for.

James Data, the other patient who spoke at the RPAH rally was in a wheel-chair and a current inpatient. He challenged Labor Premier Kristina Keneally to “come an work one night shift in the hospital to see how things really are”.

Readers can register their support for the campaign at


Peter Boyle addressing nurses rally at RPAH.

More pics here.

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