Ngemba elder protests billions of Aboriginal affairs funding mispent by government

Sydney, August 12, 2011 – For the last five days, Feli McHughes, Joel McHughes and Gregory Coffey from the Ngemba Billabong Restoration Project in Brewarrina, NSW, have been trying to hand over a $260,000 cheque to the head of the Department of Aboriginal Affairs. “We are not going to play this silly game any more: where they pretend to give us money and we end up giving it back to them to mispend”, Feli said, referring to the recently unearthed secret federal government’s Johnson report which found that $25 billion of government spending on Aboriginal affairs over the last 40 years had failed to narrow the huge social and economic gap between Aboriginal and non-Aboriginal communities.

One Comment to “Ngemba elder protests billions of Aboriginal affairs funding mispent by government”

  1. Thank you for reporting on this historical moment, the handing back of funding to the Department of Aboriginal Affairs is nothing to be taken lightly. I hope that the Department takes heed and acknowledges this brave step by the Ngemba Billabong Restoration Project. Actions such as this is what our future needs. Without a drastic change in the current direction of widening social and economic disparity for Indigenous people, I hate to think what the future looks like.

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