We are the 99%

As the world watched the Egyptian people overthrow the hated dictator Hosni Murbarak earlier this year, there would have been many who asked themselves this question: Could it happen in my country too?

Some did more than wonder if it was possible, they took to the streets and tried to “walk like an Egyptian” and a wave of people’s power began to sweep the Middle East. But this wave of revolt didn’t stop there. There were powerful reverberations in Spain, Israel, Malaysia and even in the United States of America, the world’s richest country.

The popular movement against cuts to social services in Wisconsin in February was only the first spark in the US. Now people are occupying public spaces all around the country, taking the cue from the Occupy Wall Street initiative.

Now that movement has come to Australia. On October 15, similar occupations will be attempted in cities all around Australia. Thousands of people are getting organised, using the social networking internet websites like FaceBook and Twitter and numerous blogsites.

At the heart of this exciting development is a broad realisation that the world is being unbearably distorted, and risks being destroyed, because our societies are being twisted to make the world’s richest 1% even richer. This 1% already owns 43% of the world’s wealth but effectively control almost all the wealth and with this wealth they have bought and corrupted governments and enslaved billions of people. Permanent war has been inflicted on numerous nations and economic misery on many more.

No moral or environmental boundaries* are respected by this 1%.  Half of the world’s population is forced to try and survive by sharing 1% of the world’s wealth!

So what are we, the 99%, doing about it? Are we just going to sit back and let the our common future be ruined? The people who will attempt to set up these occupations around Australia on October 5 will need your support and solidarity. Get down there yourself and enlist the support of your community, your trade union, your church or your workplace.

As this cover of this issue signals, Green Left Weekly will be throwing all its energy into reporting on and supporting the new global movement to liberate the 99% from the tyranny of the 1%.

But we ask for your urgent help, practical and financial, to help make our people-powered media rise to the challenge. Donate online today to the Green Left fighting fund. Direct deposits can be made to Greenleft, Commonwealth Bank, BSB 062-006, Account No. 00901992. Otherwise, you can send a cheque or money order to PO Box 515, Broadway NSW 2007 or phone in a donation through on the toll-free line at 1800 634 206 (within Australia).

* This is footnote is borrowed from a Chapter 31 of Karl Marx’s Capital Volume I. No old footnote remained so pertinent!  “Capital eschews no profit, or very small profit, just as Nature was formerly said to abhor a vacuum. With adequate profit, capital is very bold. A certain 10% will ensure its employment anywhere; 20% certain will produce eagerness; 50%, positive audacity; 100% will make it ready to trample on all human laws; 300%, and there is not a crime at which it will scruple, nor a risk it will not run, even to the chance of its owner being hanged. If turbulence and strife will bring a profit, it will freely encourage both. Smuggling and the slave-trade have amply proved all that is here stated.”

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